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Recreational neuroscience

Is it all in my mind?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

I’ve been noticing a lot more blogging and writing activity around what Steven Johnson calls ‘recreational neuroscience’ [1]. At first I thought I was just noticing it because it was something I’m interested in, but started to realise that there really is a lot more writing about it, and much of it is actually readable.

The increased amount of content is is no doubt partially triggered by excellent books such as Mind Wide Open, On Intelligence and Mind Hacks (links go to Maadbooks). Here are some links to other good online resources:

I like the first three so much that I have flagged them ‘inturrupt me when a post comes in’ on my aggregator. A rare endorsement as there are only a few other authors who get this treatment ;)

[1] – in the foreward to Mind Hacks