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Web directions UX: Getting content right

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Here’s my presentation from Web Directions User Experience, titled ‘Getting content right’.

The description for it was:

“We all know that great content is a core part of the website user experience. So why is it so hard to find content that isn’t dull, lifeless and uninteresting – blah, blah, blah?

Web content can be vibrant, interesting and fun. It can draw you in, fill your head and make you learn without having to think. And it’s not really hard to write. Three simple tricks can turn poor content into a great experience – remember that readers care more about themselves than you; write in real words with authentic voice; play show and tell.

This presentation will discuss these principles, with plenty of funny and not-so-funny examples. You’ll go away with practical steps to make your writing kick-ass. And you won’t even have to think.”

I think it went well. Good questions at the end, and a number of people commented that the tips actually were things they could do (which was the aim).
(Lots of car references in there too…)