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Stories and examples for my IA book

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I’m working like mad through March to write a book on information architecture.

As I go, I find I need two things – stories to illustrate points I describe, and examples of sites that do particular things. This post will be a continually-updated one that lists what I’m interested in and what I have enough of.


I’m interested in stories – usually about a page (400-500 words) around the following ideas:

  • How skills in previous roles helped you when you started in IA. I’m looking for an example from people who previously did usability testing and business analysis (I have tech writer, graphic designer & developer all covered)
  • How setting clear project goals at the beginning of a project helped that project run smoothly, and how you used them the project
  • How not having clear project goals caused all sorts of project crap
  • Stories about how you brainstormed and selected content for a new site or redesign. Particularly any that used a quantitative approach to selection (e.g. a scoring system)
  • How you’ve worked with clients to get content from them
  • How you’ve communicated about content needs, what content you have, and gaps
  • How did you test a draft IA before you designed navigation and pages

All stories will be in your words (I may tweak slightly for length or clarity, but will show you) and I’ll include your name, role, website etc.


I’m interested in examples of the following sites or features. It would be fantastic if you’ve been involved in designing the one you give me – I may want to chat to you about them (I don’t want to say ‘this is a good example’ and later find out that it’s completely unusable for real users):

  • A real-estate website that uses an interesting filter or faceted browse
  • Great comparison interfaces, of any type
  • Tools other than Xenu Link Sleuth that can list out everything on your website
  • Link-rich home pages

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