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My card sorting book is available

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of becoming a published author.

My book on card sorting is now available.

You can buy it right from the book website – either the printed version (plus digital) or digital alone.

Or you can get it via amazon if you are buying other things at the same time : Card sorting (Donna Spencer).
Please let me know what you think!

10 Responses to “My card sorting book is available”

  1. Scott Rippon Says:

    Congrats Donna :D
    Can’t wait till I get my hands on a copy of your book.

  2. Alex Says:

    Yeeeeeha! Finally! It’s here! Me wants. Maybe I should ask my local library to get a few copies? :)

  3. Amy Rubino Says:

    Looking forward to reading this and hopefully meeting you at ReduxDC. I just used your spreadsheet this week to examine the results of an online card sorting activity done with OptimalSort. The spreadsheet and your recommendations were very helpful!

  4. Trent Shepherd Says:

    Congratulations and well done Donna.

  5. Andrew Jung Says:

    Donna, this book is really great! I’m almost through it (Chapter 9). For someone who is now working in his first official job as an Information Architect, let me just say that this has been one of the best IA books that I’ve read so far! One thing that I quite enjoy is that this book is as friendly to read as you are in person.

    I had the pleasure of taking your Intro to IA class at the 2006 IA Summit in Vancouver. It was there that you introduced me to card sorting and now I get to dive in deeper into the subject with you through this book. My big task is the restructuring the IA of the University of Victoria’s portal site and I think that a card sort is really going to help bring some sense into this mammoth site.

    Again, thanks! If I have any questions, may I follow up with them?
    Cheers, Andrew.

  6. Donna Spencer Says:

    Thanks so much Andrew – glad you like it!

    And yes, you may absolutely follow up with questions.

  7. caronnect Says:

    Congratulations Donna!! Wow, my friend is a published author now :-D

  8. SMB Says:

    Okay, so I’ve been doing IA and usability, on and off, formally and informally, since the mid nineties. I took your seminar at UI13. And I knew a bunch of stuff you have in the book already. Except that you made it make more sense than the rote way I originally learned to do it. And then there were those places where you downright disagreed with some of the ways I think and I’m beginning to think you’re right. And then there was the stuff I didn’t know…

    So thank you thank you thank you thank you. You’ve helped me organize my thinking around substantive principles (and I can actually communicate them to others now). I learned a lot, and it will change the way I do some things. It’s changed the way I think about some things. And at a recent meeting, I read a few paragraphs to a group of non-believers. I don’t know if it helped, but it was better than standing there screaming obscenities, which might have otherwise been my only option.

    Wonderful book. If you’re not going to write another book (Advanced Card Sorting) please keep blogging. You are the best.


  9. Donna Spencer Says:

    Wow, thanks Steve!

    I’m unlikely to write an advanced card sorting book, but I am planning on turning the workshop into a book, then changing focus of the workshop slightly.

    And if you feel like it, would you write a short review for Amazon?

  10. helly Says:

    Hi Donna,
    Thank you for the book. I just purchased it, and can’t wait to read it! Keep blogging – I enjoy your writing.

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