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Dear retailers…

I’ve been recently looking for new suppliers for products (lanyards, badge holders, pens etc etc). No matter what I’m looking for, I start my search on the web.

Now I don’t usually write black and white rules for things, but today I’m going to.

If you are a supplier of a product, and that product can be purchased elsewhere, you must, on your website:

  • Include prices
  • Not make me register to see prices
  • Not make me wait for my registration to be approved to see prices
  • If your product is out of stock, tell me when it will be in stock
  • Make it easy for me to order online
  • Be credible
  • Help me feel confident that my order will turn up

Because, duh, if you don’t, I’m going somewhere that does.

6 Responses to “Dear retailers…”

  1. Gary Barber Says:

    Just make it a good user experience… I found the same thing recently too, same suppliers.

  2. Shelly Bowman Says:

    I would also add

    Do not make me register to view your catalog or to view all of your catalog
    Do not force me to take a call from your salesman in order to complete the sale
    Do not show me what you used to carry – show me what you DO carry.

  3. Brian Says:

    A few more additions…

    Do not make me register to see shipping and taxes
    Have high quality photos of the products
    Make your return and privacy policies clear and easy to find

  4. Melissa Says:

    So right!!!
    The “no prices” thing always bugs me – and seems to be no reason why they’re not listed, surely they can’t change them that often.
    Would also add – don’t force me to go back to the main product index page to get to the next similar item, a simple previous/next option would be great.

  5. Bruce Bowden Says:

    Honest product descriptions also help. We needed a pull-up banner and went with the company that clearly described the different products. They didn’t use marketing speak, but instead said things like ‘A cheap retractable banner that’s perfect for those on a tight budget’ or ‘..ideal for more frequent use – lasts longer than the Budget stand’.

    They created an instant feeling of trust. Good pricing also helped!

  6. Eystein Alnaes Says:

    An excuse I heard for this behavior was that “if they put their prices up, the competition can lower their prices to just below”.

    They obviously don’t get it.

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