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User Interface 13 Conference – I’m speaking

Today’s big, exciting announcement is …

I’ll be speaking at this year’s User Interface 13 Conference, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’m teaching a full day workshop called Information Architecture Essentials: Best Practices for Organizing Your Site’s Content. I’ll also be doing a 90-minute presentation, but haven’t yet figured out what it will be.

I’m excited about this for two reasons. I look at this conference every year and want to go every time – it has a consistently strong line-up of both topics and speakers. And I get to present my favourite workshop – one that I have done enough that I know people *always* enjoy and learn from.

More details to come, and a discount code for you to use!

5 Responses to “User Interface 13 Conference – I’m speaking”

  1. Caronne Says:

    Congrats Donna! You’ll do a great workshop (as always) on a topic that is close to your heart :-D

  2. Ruth Ellison Says:

    Congratulations Donna! That’s fantastic news. I know it will go fabulously as always.

  3. Donna Spencer Says:

    Thanks guys. I am really looking forward to this one!

  4. Pat Says:

    I like the title of your workshop, sounds very familiar :)

  5. Donna Spencer Says:

    Pat – that’s funny. I thought yours was still called ‘IA Fundamentals’ ;)

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