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IA & collaborative design – workshop

Yet another workshop announcement…

On 7&8 August, I will be teaching a 2-day master class on information architecture and collaborative design, run via Ark Group. The thing that is slightly different about this workshop compared to my IA workshop is that, duh, it includes a lot of collaborative design.

I’m adding more material on user research, design games, usability testing and designing in teams – I don’t usually get to teach these in a one-day workshop. And 2 days allows more hands-on, practical stuff than one, and that is always good.

So if you know someone who may be interested, and can get to Sydney, please pass on the details: Information architecture and collaborative design workshop.

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  1. Halans Says:

    I’m sorry to say that Ark’s site and registration procedure is anything but usable, inviting, …
    They don’t even publish any pricing (on any of their masterclasses, conferences, or am I blind?).
    I did find pricing of a conference on a pdf, but, come on, do I really need to download a pdf for that?
    And not all entries provide a link to a brochure.
    I’m not going to sign up to something when I don’t know the price (like, is there an early bird?),
    and I’m not going to fill out a form just to know how much the training is going to be.
    So maybe you could enlighten us here?
    It’s also strange that your name isn’t mentioned.
    I’m interested in the course because I’ve met you before, and I know it will be interesting, because of you. But if I wasn’t subscribed to your feed, I wouldn’t have known.

    Sorry for the rant here…


  2. Donna Spencer Says:


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