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Participate in a card sort?

I mentioned last week that there is a new card sorting tool available called OptimalSort.

I’ve set up a card sort and would love you to participate – give you a chance to play with the tool. The card sort is for the IA Summit and the content is conference presentations. I used this content to test other software tools last year.

If you can spare some time (15 minutes or so), please go here and do the card sort:

The fine print:

I recently did some work on this tool but don’t have an ongoing interest in it (except that I’m friends with the people who do)
  • I may use example outputs in my book
  • I will use the activity outputs as input to the IA Summit website, which I manage
  • I will not disclose your name, email address or other identifying details in the book
  • I won’t use your personal details for anything other than this activity
  • The card sort will be open until 15 July 2007
  • I tested other tools last year using this same content set and a call for volunteers
  • 4 Responses to “Participate in a card sort?”

    1. Ruth Ellison Says:

      Hi Donna – the link to the IA Summit card sort doesn’t seem to work. I’m getting a 404 error.

    2. Donna Maurer Says:

      It’s back up and running now.

    3. Alice Lee Says:

      Hi Donna,

      Just wonder whether the OptimalSort tool supports sub-grouping. If not, would it be some reasons behind it?


    4. Donna Maurer Says:

      Hi Alice, sorry I’m slow to answer.

      Optimal Sort doesn’t support sub-grouping at the moment, and most of the other tools don’t either. Even the historical statistical techniques behind card sorting don’t use sub-groups.

      It’s an interesting one – users often want to create sub-groups, but it is just so much more challenging to analyse.

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