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On professional seriousness – post 1

Two weeks ago I promised I would post regularly about progress on my new plan to take myself seriously and work on my freelance business.

Like all things that sounded like a great goal but hasn’t quite worked out as I thought it would.

It truly is funny how things work out. In those two weeks I was asked for proposals for four pieces of work (not bad given I have been out of the market for a while) and to get involved in two exciting, secret-for-now projects. I think the latter has a connection to my decision, but the former is a co-incidence.

I did a lot of boring admin. My tax is up to date, my books are good and my bills are paid. I even sent chasers on overdue invoices. That’s a good thing. As boring as it is, I do have to keep on top of paperwork (yes, I think it is time to hire someone to do it).

I’m feeling more organised. I have been using my filofax, my new little whiteboard for day-to-day goals and my big whiteboard for projects and big goals (categorised and all) (thanks to my hubby for mounting this).

my wall mounted whiteboard, showing lots of projects in various colour-coded categories

So I think I have made some progress. Not huge, but decent foundation. You can’t see it on the photo because I blurred it, but there are some good plans in my ‘business dev’ square.

3 Responses to “On professional seriousness – post 1”

  1. Caronne Says:

    Good on ya! I think that once you’ve sent the message out to the ‘universe’ the offers will come in. You’re worth it, after all. It’s great that you are doing this – even though, selfishly, I’ll miss seeing you at work.

  2. Perry Says:

    Great whiteboard! How you can get anything done in that beautiful country of yours is beyond me. Hope you are well,

  3. Donna Maurer Says:

    Hi Perry!!

    Sometimes I sit at my desk and stare out the window (mostly at the birds, last week at the kangaroo hopping around out there). I must take some photos of my office view.

    Conference calls are fab. I can just stare…

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