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IA Summit wrap-up

Yes, it has been almost a week since the IA Summit finished and I am only now posting my wrap up (the long back-story combines a long flight, my birthday, a server rebuild, an office reorganisation and waitressing – you don’t want to know).

I attend a lot of conferences and the IA Summit is by far my favourite. It has to be – I wouldn’t offer to be program chair for something I didn’t care deeply about.

My IA Summit experiences fall into three categories (yes, I am an IA): content, personal and life/business:

My favourite content experiences were:


  • Hanging out with Lynn, Mags, Eric, Chris, Matthew & Dan (I have this niggling bad feeling about mentioning just a few people out of everyone I like, but I have hung out with these guys for 3-4 conferences and they are fab!)
  • Standing on the edge of the grand canyon
  • Being introduced to Escargot & Thai tea (in separate meals!)
  • Talking about name dropping with name-dropees
  • Looking around at lunch on the first day and seeing 500 people in animated discussion
  • Being amazed at how many people went out of their way to stop and say thanks for the work I did
  • Talking to my family every day for as long as we liked (and knowing it wasn’t costing much)
  • Doing the ‘Star Trek Experience’ with skeptical, grown-up Trekkies (and squealing & jumping out of my seat)
  • Meeting Andrew Hinton face-to-face (we had previously met only in Second Life)
  • Having a couple of people ask about my Fair Trade T-shirt

For the life/business category, the IA Summit always feels like the start to my work year. It is a chance to stop barelling along, think about what I do, what I like and what it means. I have made the most significant career decisions at this conference – in 2004 I realised how connected I was to this community; in 2005 I realised I wasn’t doing what I wanted and quit my consulting job; in 2006 I realised that university study wasn’t giving me what I needed and quit in order to study what I wanted. This year’s decision was not so profound, but solid (I’ll elaborate further tomorrow but would like to say thanks to Jared, Dan, Lou, & Ant for kicking me in the pants).

See you next year!

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2 Responses to “IA Summit wrap-up”

  1. Joe Says:

    Thanks for such a great wrapup, Donna…and for chairing a great conference as well. I too look at the Summit as the start of my year, but you express it so much better than I.

    A minor quibble on your post, though: the URL for Joshua’s presentation is (no “l” on the end). Just a helpful note.

    Thanks too for arranging the presentations page. And I hope to see you in Miami, if not before!

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Thanks Joe – I just fixed all the URLs. I had restructured the site and forgot I had inward links. Duh!

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