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I am way too noisy

I just discovered I am the number 2 google entry for Donna. I even beat The Donnas.

That just makes me think I’m being way too noisy… But it’s still funny.

P.S. I wasn’t even ego-surfing. I was playing around on web forms seeing how people set up default buttons ;)

4 Responses to “I am way too noisy”

  1. Bjoern Says:

    That sounds funny…
    However, on a quick google you only came up 6th for “Donna” (The Donnas being #1)… I wonder what that incosistency might be about?

    Anyway, seems you’re not noisy enough yet ;)
    Keep up the good blog!


  2. Gary Barber Says:

    So do you want a big profile or not. :) mind you maybe that you have lots of links back to you and work donna is all over your blog.

  3. Nick Cowie Says:

    So after reading this, I had to go check out how I ranked on google. Number 75, far behind Nickelodeon, Nick Bradbury, Nick Finck and Nick Cave.

    I must not noisy enough.

  4. Andrew Boyd Says:

    The great thing about picking an obscure Latin nom de net (facibus) is that I am all top 10 on google :)

    Good on you Donna, keep being noisy :)

    Cheers, Andrew

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