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Finally – true freelance

Although I’ve been saying that I ‘freelance’ for a while, I really haven’t been doing it. I sometimes fall back on longer projects and get deeply embedded in a project (at a comparatively low rate). This hiding in my comfort zone was part of the change I wanted to make following the IA Summit.

But for the past few weeks I have truly been doing freelance work. I’ve designed interfaces for a company in New Zealand, done content migration plans for a Government Department, planned & conducted a remote usability test, edited new content for a website, designed & built a website for a friend, and updated content for a community event. I also caught up with a bunch of writing work and other community work and lectured at university.

Gosh it has been good. Where some people like stability, I love variety. I genuinely like starting each week wondering what I’m going to do. I love setting my weekly must-dos and try-to-get-to. I love rubbing things off the whiteboard.

I’m still doing good, deep work. I still have money in the bank. And I have time for non-paid work.

All is good.

PS. Three weeks ago I mentioned that I didn’t sign a continuation contract that meant I would start work without a rate increase. The paperwork didn’t end up happening and rumor is that the rate increase wouldn’t have happened. Wow, that was the right decision.

5 Responses to “Finally – true freelance”

  1. Andrew Boyd Says:

    Good for you Donna :)

    Best of luck with it, please keep letting your readers know how you are getting along.

    Cheers, Andrew

  2. Gary Barber Says:

    Donna keep it up..

    It’s so interesting to see how other people do freelancing. After 12 years of it, I’m still learning.

  3. Ruth Ellison Says:

    I’m glad that things are going well!

  4. Brian Lyall Says:


    First off – well done and the best of luck to you.

    Secondly – how do you find the NZ and Australian experience in terms of describing and selling your skills, experiences and capabilities?

    Is there an overt need for IA’s or user experience specialists by name – or is it that your pallet of skills is needed, with your experiences.

    Regards, and well done again


  5. Donna Maurer Says:

    Thanks Brian.

    I see a mixture – I see some positions advertised as IA and user experience (increasing over the past few years). But I also see many places that could do with someone with these skills, but people don’t even know the skills exist.

    I mostly get work by word of mouth, and based on my skills, not my job title. This is really the thing that is important – I have the right skills for a particular need.

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