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Why – who cares – so what

Why, who cares, so what
I was stuck on a block of text today – looking at it wondering why it was so damn boring and how I was going to make it interesting. And I remembered something Kathy Sierra had said on a podcast – something that was so important to me at the time I ran to write it on my whiteboard (I’d link to the podcast, but do you think I can refind anything these days).

She said, in talking about writing, to keep asking questions – “Why”, “Who cares”, “So what”, just like a 5 year old, until the answer is ‘or you’ll use your job’.

So I asked myself why, who cares, so what and realised I had written the exact wrong stuff. I had described the answer to a question but not answered it. I thought about why I was writing that particular piece, changed it around and it was great.

So now I just have to remember to do that to every paragraph…

3 Responses to “Why – who cares – so what”

  1. Jan Korbel Says:

    :) know what you mean…

    As for the podcast:

    If it is not the one you ment, it will definitely be also fun to hear.

  2. Eric Reiss Says:

    Great post. I think perhaps Jess McMullin should be credited with coming up with these questions. He presented them at the IA Summit in Portland, OR back in March 2003.

  3. Donna Maurer Says:

    I cleaned house a little too hard a few days ago – just realised that I deleted a comment from Jess to this post: