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Webstock wrap-up (belated)

I can’t believe that it is a week and a half since Webstock finished and I’m only just posting a wrap up. I guess I have some excuse – my family and I stayed in New Zealand for an extra 4 days (spent in the South Island, first wine tasting in the Marlborough region, then crayfish eating in Kaikoura, then general touristing in Christchurch) then came home to the real world and work.

Anyway, I’d like to firstly say that the conference was excellent, both as a speaker and attendee. It was tremendously well organised, well catered and in a beautiful location.

The speakers were great. I must admit that my favourites were Joel Spolsky (I didn’t learn a thing, but he was completely hilarious) and Kathy Sierra (who is just so inspiring and lovely). But everyone else was great – great enough that I didn’t wag to go shopping and didn’t read my email (much).

I think my sessions went well. My IA presentation overflowed (I counted 92 seats, and there was at least half that number again sitting on the floor). I thought this one went fairly well, and a couple of people later told me that it was paradigm shifting. I’m not sure about my usability/RIA presentation – I don’t think I pulled together the examples and the theory as well as I’d have liked. But I’ll let you know when the podcasts/videos are ready and you can judge.

I also caught up with some friends, which was great. I hadn’t seen Hayden for about 5 years, Justine for a year and Trent and I had only met via lots of email. Lloyd and I had IMd about planning beforehand, and it was great to catch Maxine & Russ again. And I met a bunch of new people too. People are always the best part of conferences.

Do you think this sets a record for the most frequent use of ‘great’ in a post…

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2 Responses to “Webstock wrap-up (belated)”

  1. Jan Korbel Says:

    Hi Donna,
    are there some podcasts from this event?
    I would like to listen to your presentation (ehm… sounds strange…) and otheres.

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Hi Jan, there will be podcasts and videos. As far as I know, the webstock team are working on them now. I’ll post when they are ready.

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