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Web Directions 2006 wrap-up

Web Directions is over for another year and was again fabulous. I attended 3 out of 4 days – Dan Saffer’s Interaction Design workshop and the two full conference days (including my own intro IA talk on Friday).

All the sessions were interesting, inspiring and well-prepared (I hope mine was as well). As an indication of the general goodness, I didn’t skip out on any sessions, ask pointed questions, sleep or read my email (much). Nor did I cross-stitch, something I’ve been known to do.

I have a strange list from my ‘things to follow’ up page:

  • Subservient chicken (mentioned by Kelly)
  • See if Genevieve Bell is at Ozchi this year (mentioned by Kelly, answer is yes)
  • Look up the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (Jeremy)
  • Newshutch (I’m on a never-ending quest for the perfect RSS reader)
  • Use hReview on maadbooks (of course, writing content would probably be better)
  • Corked
  • hCard my contact details
  • Listen to Thomas’ folksonomy triad description
  • Update web connections with everyone I met before I forget
  • Start blogging properly again (something I should be able to do now my conference run has settled

So now, breakfast then rewrite my Lakoff presentation (nothing like having good ideas a couple of hours before) and down to Oz-IA


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