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The pleasure of surprise

I’ve been using Quickflix for a while – one of Australia’s answers to Netflix and have had a very odd experience.

Every time they send me an email saying “We’ve just sent you xxxx” I think “Oh, cool, how exciting – I wanted to watch that”.

Now of course I wanted to watch it – they chose it from my queue of things I said I wanted to watch. But despite this being completely logical, I am excited every time I learn what is coming next.

This may be related to the paradox of choice – standing in the video store, making a decision from all the movies and wondering whether it is a dud. Somehow the element of surprise is quite different to this.

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  1. Adam Bramwell Says:

    You’re right, Quickflix appear to have given more than the minimum amount of thought to the user experience, and where people’s seducible moments are. When i was unsubscribing from the service, the system tried to bribe me back to becoming a customer by offering me two free Hoyts movie passes!

    Flattering but ineffective in retaining me :-)

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