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OZ-IA wrapup

I’m back home from my conference run – Web Directions then OZ-IA.

OZ-IA was, predictably, terrific. I met lots of interesting people and caught up with some I hadn’t seen for a while. There was a good mix of presentations – some philosophical, some practical and some hands on.

I particularly liked the way the conference was structured. The first day was a single stream with a mix of conceptual & practical talks. The second day had 2 streams with case-study material in the morning, mini-workshops in the afternoon and an open session last.

I talked about George Lakoff’s ‘Women, Fire & Dangerous Things‘. I had talked about this at the IA Summit this year and hated my presentation. I completely rewrote it for OZ-IA and this time was very happy with it – there was much laughter, which is good for a dry topic in the after-lunch slot. It has been recorded so I’ll blog it when it is ready.

I think there were around 100 people – that’s a great turn-out for a first IA conference, on a weekend, and on a grand final weekend. I’m impressed & think we can do bigger & better things next year.

I only have a small list of things to follow up:

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