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On being stupidly busy

I’ve written so little of substance here recently – a couple of longish posts and a bunch of announcements. I’m not particularly happy about that – I’d prefer to be writing meaty posts than announcements. But the announcements show why I haven’t been able to write substantial posts. I am more overcommitted than usual – working, writing, preparing workshops and talks.

I’m still thinking hard as ever about a whole range of things, particularly related to designing and learning to design, but I have no brain-time to tell you about them.

I looked at my studio today and realised that my loom has been bare for almost a year, my sewing machine is covered in dust and the chairs I upholstered 8 months ago are still unassembled. My beautiful sunny studio is turning into a haven for projects I might be able to do when life slows down a bit. My garden is knee deep in weeds that will take me weeks to remove.

So I’m going to hunker down for a few weeks and try to knock over all the extras, so I can get back to the stuff I want to be doing. Don’t be surprised if things are quieter than usual here.

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