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My card sorting book is underway

I’m very excited to let you know that, between now and the end of the year, I will be writing a book on card sorting. Specifically, it will be about how to use card sorting in information architecture and similar projects. I think it will fill an important gap – there is some material about how to run a card sort, but little on how to actually use the outputs.

My book will be one of the first published by Rosenfeld Media, a new publishing house focused on producing short and practical books on user experience design. RM will be applying UX methods to determine what books to publish and how its books should be designed. RM will also be incorporating users’ input as much as possible throughout the writing process, primarily via a blog and dedicated site for each book. You can find mine at the Card sorting book website and monitor it via an RSS feed:

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences conducting card sorts and have set up a survey to help collect this. It is short – 10 questions – and should take no more than 10 minutes:

Card sorting – your experiences (survey)

I’m really looking forward to working on the book, and hope you’ll consider participating by sharing your suggestions. Send comments and ideas via the site or to me at (cardsorting -at- maadmob -dot- net).

2 Responses to “My card sorting book is underway”

  1. leisa.reichelt Says:

    hey! congratulations! that’s so cool!
    will we get to read some draft chapters soon? :)

    nice work Donna, and have fun authoring!

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    You will get to see some draft chapters, but it would be best if I write them first ;)