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Music made me feel like a teenager again

I had a rotten day at work. You know, really, really, really rotten. The type of day I haven’t had for years.

But I found a cure I haven’t used for a long time – good music, loud. I put my earbuds in, turned up my new Muse album and felt better. Took me most of the album, but I got there. In drifting through grownuphood, I forgot how amazing music once made me feel, and how well it can transform a mood. It made me feel reasonable rather than teary and angry.

Just lucky I didn’t listen to Jeff Buckley though!

3 Responses to “Music made me feel like a teenager again”

  1. Joe Says:

    I’ve had a bad day/week, too. For me, Rory Gallagher’s “Irish Tour 74″ does the trick.

  2. Caronne Says:

    That’s interesting ‘cos I’ve been having a stressful time too. I started reading some Caroline Myss books in an effort to understand it – Anatomy of the Spirit. Also listened to some really cool music, Late Night Mix discs 1-4; jazz, blues, soul from 50s to very recent releases. So wonderful. Felt like I was relaxing in a darkened nightclub.

  3. gabriel Says:

    you like muse :) cheers