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Let me review the usability of your RIA (for free!)

I’m talking next month at Webstock (which I’m very excited about). One of my talks is called Usability for rich internet applications in which I want to do a similar thing to my recent Digital Web article – to take a look at some RIAs and explain why various aspects should and shouldn’t work from a theoretical usability/cognitive/perception perpective.

I don’t want to pull out the prototypical examples (flickr, googlemaps), and would be interested in looking at some other less well-known applications that use some richness (either AJAXy or Flash).

So if you have one of your own, one that you like or one that you hate, please let me know (comment or email) and I’ll take a look.

I’ll also write up some critiques here either before or after the conference.

(caveat: this is free, so I get to choose what and how much I cover, and you don’t get to approve my opinion first)

3 Responses to “Let me review the usability of your RIA (for free!)”

  1. David Heller Says:

    Hi Donna, Great idea. here are some of the ones that I reference in trying to avoid the usual suspects:
    Zimbra – groupware program
    Goowy – Flash-based desktop/e-mail/calendar/rss and more.
    Kayak – travel search aggregator

    You might want to try the new Google Calendar, since it just came out.

    I wish you could do my new project, but it is still behind closed doors.

    Good luck!

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Great suggestions Dave. We’re changing a bunch of our infrastructure to set up Zimbra, so I hope it is good!

  3. Lloyd Says:

    What about Gmail or Google Calendars – they have shite loads of ajax? My site isn’t flash or AJAX rich but I would love to hear your input:

    Seeya @ WebStock – I will be there :-)

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