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Lakoff’s Women, Fire & Dangerous Things – my Oz-IA talk

Just below these words are the slides from my Oz-IA talk called ‘Lakoff’s Women, Fire & Dangerous Things: What every IA should know’ (I don’t think the slides appear in my feed – you have to visit my site).

I think this was the best presentation I have ever given. This is a quite hard topic and somehow it ended up quite hilarious – no doubt helped by Alex and his ‘boobies’ comments.

Download the audio and listen along

(read my review of the book)

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  1. Tuna Says:

    This for me was one of the highlights of OZ-IA, it was a topic I had read about before, but not really considered seriously. However your presentation singlehandedly turned my thinking and method of viewing this around. Its amazing how I can by this simple shift in my mind set see things in a much simplier focused view. From a designers view, its a bit like when you first discover the world is not lines, but light and shadow and reflective colour (hopefully you get this at design 101). Once you see it like that you can’t go back to the way (I guess) every one else sees the world. And here was I getting really frustrated with some of the IA general methods etc.

    Donna this was good!!

    Mind you its not tempted me to get/read the book, maybe the opposite.

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