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I’m keynoting at OZCHI

How’s this for exciting – I’m going to be this year’s industry keynote at OZCHI (our CHI equivalent). My first keynote, and it is at a conference I love where I get to catch up with great people every year.

One of the most interesting things for me will be the change in type of presentation – I have been doing a lot of conference presentations recently, but they are all very constrained, practical talks (which is great as I’m suited to these). It will be very interesting being able to do something more expansive & forward-thinking.

2 Responses to “I’m keynoting at OZCHI”

  1. Ben Kraal Says:

    How exciting for you! Congrats! :)

  2. leisa Says:

    hey Donna, congrats! and have fun putting together your presentation!

    I did a little case study at CHISIG last year, that was nervewracking enough for me I think! :)