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I’m in an 80s time warp

I’m in Sydney for OZCHI (where, BTW, I’m doing my first keynote) and sitting in the hotel bar – I had a day off and it is better than being bored in my room.

The bar is playing 80s music. Here’s what’s been on:

I don’t know what’s worse – that I know all of these, that wikipedia has entries for them all or that I really should be doing something other than looking them up.

(And I’m only able to write this because I have a new iBurst card – one of the best gadgets I’ve ever bought. Their slogan is right – it just works)

3 Responses to “I’m in an 80s time warp”

  1. Daniel Szuc Says:

    “It’s alright (baby’s coming back) – Eurythmics” – An absolute classic!

  2. Steve Collins Says:

    Do you get iBurst coverage out at Murrumbateman, or are you just using it for travelling? If you take a look at the Canberra map, everything south of Woden is a wasteland…

  3. Donna Maurer Says:

    No, just for travelling, or when I need to do some private stuff in town or at work. But it is worth it for travelling to capital cities – no more paying for hotel internet.

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