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Discovering great writing

I’m reading ‘The Best Software Writing‘ at the moment and have found two pieces that are both beautifully written and compelling in content. You can read them online, and I encourage you to do so (or buy the book of course):

  • Paul Ford’s Processing Processing which is a wonderful ramble about elegance, the web, the world and his attempts to make something better
  • Paul Graham’s Great Hackers which is an insgightful discussion about what it takes to be an amazing person (not just an amazing programmer, although that’s his pitch)

There are other great articles in the book (and I’m only half-way), but these two really grabbed me. They are great pieces of writing. They are also quite personal pieces, which I think supports the message. You don’t have to agree with it to be moved.

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  1. Scott Mitchell Says:

    I finished Best Software Writing I just recently. I particularly liked the essays by Larry Osterman, and he’s got a lot of other great content on his blog [].

    Also, word is from Joel that there’s a Best Software Writing II in the works –

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