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Conference packing – just the essentials

I’m at a conference at the moment – a 2-day event which meant one night in Sydney.

I hate carrying too much stuff, so this time I brought only the essentials, all in one bag that I can carry all day.

Of course, my essentials list ended up being a bit odd:
- tablet pc plus cables
- iPod
- mobile phone
- USB stick
- one green pen, one pencil (no paper)
- two cross-stitch bookmarks – one almost finished, one ready to start (this is my new can’t-sit-still-at-a-conference trick)
- neuromancer (because it’s skinny)
- purse
- one clean black shirt
- one clean pair of underpants
- toothbrush, mascara, deodorant, lipstick

3 Responses to “Conference packing – just the essentials”

  1. vanderwal Says:

    I did not find too much odd with this essential list, accounting for gender related needs it is similar to one I would consider essential.

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    I thought myself funny for only taking one shirt, one pair of underpants and the remainder gadgets…

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