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Chick bloggers not hiding

There’s been a bit of a discussion over on Leisa Reichelt’s new blog about where the women are hiding. I commented that I read stacks of women who are not hiding and Leisa asked for a list. So here it is, from top to bottom from my RSS reader (I am a bit picky with what I read):

So I do still have more boys than girls in my RSS reader, but this is a pretty good list…

4 Responses to “Chick bloggers not hiding”

  1. leisa reichelt Says:

    hi Donna,

    thanks for posting your list :)

    there are a few here I already read and a few that are new to me.

    My male/female RSS ratio is now looking a little healthier.

  2. Robert S. Says:

    Another great gal blogger for you: Saheli, friend in San Fran

    [tries posting several times . . . ]

    well, if you google “Saheli” it’ll come up – your software keeps blocking the bl-gsp-t reference!

    BTW, I’m a fellow Aussie here in North Carolina now – great search article over at Boxes and Arrows

    I also have a blog at stribs plus that blighted bl-gsp-t location! :)

  3. Donna Maurer Says:

    Thanks Robert. Fixed the damn blogspot problem as well – I get so much spam from blogspot blogs that sometimes it sneaks into my blacklist.

  4. Livia Labate Says:

    I just noticed that you were listed twice on my blogroll. I guess I was expressing my need to hear more women like you without noticing ;)