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Best cioppino almost ever

I just made a batch of cioppino – the first I have ever made, only the second time I have ever eaten it (first time was in San Francisco, in an italian restaurant on the wharf). Been thinking about it for years. This recipe is amazing.

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  1. Tanya Says:

    I love cioppino! I think I’ve only eaten it in San Francisco (and it’s been far too long since). Not sure if I’m brave enough to try and make it myself.

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Emanuele – I think it is a particularly San Franciscan recipe created by Italian migrants to that region (hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong). I have never seen it in a restaurant here, and we have loads of Italian migrants.

  3. Ryan Says:

    I have a website ( dedicated solely to cioppino. It is my favorite dish. I’ll have to try the recipe you posted.

  4. Donna Maurer Says:

    Wow, how cool.

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