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Redesign to save energy – Webstock

Friday, March 31st, 2006

I just went to the Webstock website to check something (I’m speaking there in May) and discovered that they have done an environmentally-friendly redesign in order to save energy. The new version of the site releases tomorrow, but looks like they have let the design out early to avoid working on Saturday (yet another way to reduce energy).

You know, I’m not sure about this one and would love to hear what you think…

IA Summit wrap up

Friday, March 31st, 2006

I returned yesterday from the Information Architecture Summit, in Vancouver. I didn’t blog as I went, partly because I was just too damn busy, partly because I never got my act together well enough to get my wireless access sorted.

But you don’t need a blow-by-blow account for me to tell you that it was completely excellent.

I had some of the best discussions I’ve ever had. Everything from writing advice to cognitive linguistics to parenthood to analysis methods to philosophy and logic (some of that within one conversation!). I got lots of good feedback about the conference and some great suggestions for next year (I co-chaired this year and am chairing next year).

I caught up with some incredible friends and met many more amazing people for the first time. It is so incredible hanging out with a big room full of smart interesting people.

I had the pleasure of David Weinberger saying that talking to me was a highlight; and Jared Spool telling me that something I said was complete bullshit. I had one of those ‘how did I become one of these smart people’ moments and wondered why I thought I could talk about Lakoff. People were excited about my secret. I decided to quit university and self-study what I’m interested in. I cried in front of 500 people.

I ate some of the best salmon and japanese food ever. I went in a gondola to the top of a mountain and ate dinner looking over the city. I saw a racoon for the first time. I bought a pair of Levis in 4 minutes flat. On my semi-birthday I turned a corner in Granville Island market and found a weaving shop with beautiful yarn (I missed my birthday as I crossed the date line).

I missed my family who I hope can share in some of it next year…

Holy cow – that’s a conference!

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Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design for Them

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Look – my latest boxes and arrows article: Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design for Them

Big, big thank you to Jim Kalbach for editing this – it is immensely better than the first draft thanks to his help!

IA Summit – are you going?

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

So, dear reader, are you going to the IA Summit?

If so, leave a comment to let me know and make sure you find me and say hello! I’ll be there from Wednesday night through Tuesday midday.

PS. I have a secret to tell, but you have to ask me in person ;)

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