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Yahoo! 360

I’ve been playing around with the new Yahoo!360. And you know what – I like it. I think I might use this as a personal blogspace, and keep donnam as a more work related one.

The thing that I like best is the feel. It feels approachable – the language on the screen and in the help seems to be carefully chosen to ensure it is not geeky. It looks professional, and it was easy for me to get set up.

I think there will still be a challenge in communicating to non-bloggers what it is about, but I suspect that more people and content will start to illustrate that.

If you would like to have a look, go look at my space (I don’t know what to call it yet).

2 Responses to “Yahoo! 360”

  1. Jacob B Says:

    Isn’t this still invite-only? If so, would you then consider sending an invite? :)

  2. Ant Colfelt Says:

    Can you hit me up with an invite too Donna? Ta ;)