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What would you like to know about Visio and IA

I’m likely to be spending most of the next month buried up to the eyeballs in Visio, and thought I might write up some short articles/posts about IA deliverables and Visio as I work.

If there is something that has frustrated you, that you have done inefficiently or that you would like to know more about, please let me know (via a comment or email) and I’ll attempt to come up with a good answer and some tips as I work through this project.

(and if you’re reading this because you’d like to know more about Visio, Dan Brown has some great posts over on

8 Responses to “What would you like to know about Visio and IA”

  1. Jesus Says:

    Hi Donna,
    It would be fantastic to know how to duplicate pages in Visio as it is possible in PowerPoint (Ctrl+D). I think it is not posible at the moment.

  2. Guy Sangwine Says:

    Hi Donna,

    One problem I often face is that Visio cannot skew text – which makes it hard when labelled 2.5D isometric site maps.

    I mean you can rotate, but not skew to get that true 2.5d feeling.

    I have a (poor) solution, but I am wondering if you have a sublime solution?


  3. donna Says:

    Wow, Guy. That’s an interesting one. I’ll see if I can figure something!

  4. donna Says:

    Here is one solution to duplicating pages:
    Visio Tips & Tricks for Interaction Designers

  5. Guy Sangwine Says:

    Apologies – I should have said what my poor solution is.

    I simply create the skewed text within Firworks, save as a png and then import into Visio.

    It work fine as long as you remember to up the resolution within FW (if for print) and make the canvas transparent.

    It really is not ideal as you must use FW to make any changes to the text.

  6. aamir Says:

    well by usins visio one don’t need to to have drawing skills,

  7. Christine Says:

    Have you found a solution any more helpful than Guy Sangwine’s in regards to the problem that Visio cannot skew text?

  8. Donna Maurer Says:

    No – I haven’t needed to, so haven’t tried it.