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Web essentials 05 – Jeff Veen workshop

I spent today at Web Essentials, listening to Jeff Veen talk about Web 2.0 and designing the next generation of web apps.

I’m pretty familiar with most of these ideas, but still love to listen to people talk about them. I appreciated that, although it was a lecture format, Jeff took the opportunity to pull from the audience’s experiences as much as he could (shhhh Donna).

I kept two sets of notes – one on paper to re-explain the slides that I may not understand when I look back at them in 6 months and one on my tablet of ‘interesting ideas’ (Alex wondered why I had two sets), including (all paraphrased/interpreted):

  • Websites are a part of the entire user experience, not just islands in the sea
  • Trying to control the user experience will ultimately lead to failure
  • Solve smaller problems, but solve them well
  • In web 2.0, user research and usability testing should be more flexible and more ongoing, not enormous projects in their own right

And of course, that Web 2.0 is not about technology, but about relinquishing control (as Peter has been discussing).

Anyway, it was all good, though I really should learn to shut up! I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and sort of especially hearing Molly Holzschlag (I don’t usually go for the ‘fan’ thing, but I must admit to being a bit of a Molly fan – maybe its just a geek girl thing).

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