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Web essentials 05 – Day 2

Web essentials is over, and I can confidently say that is the best conference I have ever attended in Australia.

Today I got more out of the conversations than the conference, which is a reflection on the great people I talked to, not on the quality of the conference presentations.

I learned one amazing thing today – from Cameron Adams, I finally understood what the DOM means. This may sound trivial to you, but as a not-so-technical geek, it was great to finally have this fall into my head. Cool!

One thing that I really started to think about is my role in projects. With the emphasis on iteration, shorter release times, more innovation, I’m thinking a bit about how I can be most effective as a freelancer. I am glad I’m not consulting any more as that is completely not conducive to smart, fast, iterative work. Freelancing is better as it means my clients can ‘borrow’ me as they need, as many times as needed, for short or long periods in a series of iterations. I think this is a good model, just remains to see if I can make it work.

Anyway, if I spent time with you at Web Essentials, thank you for your company and conversation. Please keep in touch – you know how to find me ;)

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4 Responses to “Web essentials 05 – Day 2”

  1. Derek Featherstone Says:

    Hi Donna – great to hear that you had a great time… was hoping to have met you but we didn’t get a chance to cross paths. Cheers!

  2. Cameron Adams Says:

    Today’s show was brought to you by the letter DOM!

    Glad I could be of help. Who knew I could be a fool *and* educational at the same time? :)

  3. Ben Buchanan Says:

    I finally understood what the DOM means.

    hehehe i know what you mean. i had to fight the urge to yell ‘you mean it just makes a f’n tree diagram out of your document?’ ;) he made it seem remarkably simple.

  4. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Hiya – I’m the tablet user who sat next to you during James Robertson’s “Selecting a content management system” session. I was kind of stressed out at the time and I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself… maybe at WE06!

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