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Web essentials 05 – Day 1

So day 1 of web essentials is done, and I must say that it is so far very, very excellent. I didn’t get the whole ink-blogging thing going because Justine introduced herself just as I was trying to get the wifi sorted and it is far better to have a good chat with a smart girl than fiddle around with an unresponsive network (how ungeek!)

Anyway, the sessions today were all solidly good, and some inspiringly good. I particularly liked:

  • Molly Holzschlag’s keynote, which introduced her fellow speakers in a fabulous way and set the scene for the conference. I do so love inspiring women, as gender-biased as that is
  • Jeff Veen does evangelise user-centred design so well, and makes it fun (which it is, so that’s easy) (though he should tell the hay net story fully, because it is far funnier that way)
  • Doug Bowman was completely brilliant; inspiring thoughts about the future of the web and where we might be in 10 years time. His ideas and images at the end, about the inequity in the world, brought tears to my eyes

I sometimes plod along, designing stuff, working with clients and forget to think about how amazing this really is. I’ve been doing websites since 1995 (with a gap for a couple years) and being a serious IA/IxD since 2000. I’m seeing a new passion and reinvigoration for the web which is so very inspiring and cool.

The reason I love these types of conferences (including the IA Summit) is because they help me to stop, look at the field, realise just what affect we have on people, and how incredibly important it is to really, deeply think about what we do before we go dump a bad experience on them. It is good to have that time to listen and reflect…

…more tomorrow

PS – yes, I’m completely happy to demo my tablet – I do love it for geek and functional reasons. Just ask me.

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4 Responses to “Web essentials 05 – Day 1”

  1. thomas marban Says:

    i still wonder how eric could talk almost an hour about 3 floating divs…

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Yes, that was an interesting presentation. But maybe the problem-solving process is useful for people less experienced? Not sure.

  3. Molly Holzschlag Says:

    Donna – fantastic to meet you and thank you for the kind words! It was a great conference experience, and you are certainly an inspiring woman – can’t wait to sit and watch when you keynote a conference.

    As for Eric Meyer and floats, believe me – he could go on far longer than that ;-) I actually really liked that presentation because I work closely with Eric and it’s always very code-centric. This was a great look into the process of how to think in CSS, not always an easy thing to do.

    Thanks again and here’s to future success!

  4. Justine Sanderson Says:

    Donna – it was great finally meeting you in person – sorry for interrupting the wifi thing! (though, by the sounds of it, even if I hadn’t interrupted you, you wouldn’t have been able to get on…)

    Like you, I’m feeling refreshed and inspired by the conference, and as Molly suggested in her keynote, mindful of what my ‘purpose’ might be in the exciting times ahead.

    Look forward to seeing you again in May!