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Visio and IA tip – paste into same position

Something that drives me crazy about visio is that it always pastes into the centre of the screen. I understand the rationale behind this (i.e. page sizes may vary), but what I almost always want to do is paste into the same position as I copied from – usually because I am duplicating from one page to another and want the positioning to be the same. This usually means I have to paste and then tediously align the pasted shapes.

So given there is no way to duplicate a page (grrrrr…) I have figured a way to get perfectly positioned pasting. For this, the source and destination pages must be the same page size (e.g. all same size paper):

  • On the source page, create a rectangle that is exactly the same size as the page (you may have to zoom in to get it exact), with no fill and a thin line. If you are very orderly, save this on your stencil and you will be able to identify it by name later.
  • Select all items you want to copy, plus this rectangle (select the rectangle by clicking right near the edge of the page).
  • Copy
  • Switch to the page where you want to paste.
  • Ctrl+w to zoom to whole page view (this is important!)
  • Paste

This will still paste to the centre of the screen, but given that whole page view centres the page, and the shape being copied is the size of the page, it will paste perfectly. Beautiful.

Later I delete the big rectangles, just to keep things tidy.

PS. Today I have been playing with ways of showing interactions using layers and events. I’ll practice a little more and post soon.

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  1. Bram Donkers Says:

    Find: “So given there is no way to duplicate a page (grrrrr…)”

    Replace with: “So given there is a way to duplicate a page! Check out:
    ;-) Enjoy!