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The importance of voice in an RSS world

I have been reading many posts about blogging and RSS lately. Some bloggers still want to ‘get people to the site’ for various reasons (and offer summary posts only) but many acknowledge that people do, and will continue to, read via a feed reader. I know I do, and I’m not going to be visiting most sites any time soon.

In reading tonight, I realised that I have a few favourite writers who I can recognise via voice alone. I don’t need a visual reminder or to see what their latest redesign looks like. Even in the visual wasteland of RSS readers, I know who I am reading. Their voice shines through and engages me.

So if you are a blogger, wondering how to get people through to your site, switch your perspective, and start focusing on how to engage your readers through a consistent and true voice rather than a visual brand.

2 Responses to “The importance of voice in an RSS world”

  1. Nick Finck Says:

    Great post Donna. I read your posts all of the time, but rarely do I actually visit your site in a web browser. In fact, the last time I did it looked quite different as I recall. Anyway, I think you have some very valid points here. Myself and a small group of content gurus are going to be making this same point in our panel The Future of Content tomorrow at WebVisions 2005. I’ll post the slides online and link to anyone who is posting their notes to their blogs.

  2. Ben Kraal Says:

    I had been reading your RSS instead of your site for so long I hadn’t seen the redesign!

    The thing with RSS is I’m not sure how many people are reading my site through it.