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So Donna, how’s freelancing going?

I’m three months into my shiny new freelancing career and a few people have asked me how things are going. So I thought y’all might like to know.

I’m in the very final stages of a small website redesign project. Nice neat little site, straightforward user research, IA and page layouts. In a gap from this project, I ran a usability test of a search system (mentioned in my last post). Before that, worked with a remote team doing lots of IA documentation.

So far, all has been going well. Projects have been fairly simple, but that’s to be expected as I have to completely rebuild my portfolio, and have to let people know I’m available.

Speaking of that, there’s lots of interest from local small businesses, glad to know there is a good IA/IxD that they can ‘borrow’ for projects. Some potentially interesting things in the future.

I’m starting a new project shortly (as soon as paperwork is sorted) doing UI design for a complex business application. I’m looking forward to it – they’ve brought me in right at the beginning of the project, which is ideal. Small team, smart people.

And I’ve been talking to another bunch of nice, smart people who would like some IA mentoring, working through a couple of projects together, soaking up some of my experience. Looking forward to that one too…

Freelancing suits me. I have had good flexibility so far, balancing my working day around what needs to be done. I don’t mind working flat out for a couple of weeks, then having some down time. For me this is far better than working regular hours day after day.

I’ve been doing some work from home, which is far, far more efficient for me than in an office – though I’d never sacrifice the face-to-face. Working from home means I regain all that driving time (my previous office was more than an hour either way). I’m more relaxed, less rushed and we generally eat much better as I have time to cook.

There seems to be enough work around. There has been a steady trickle of user interface design and IA jobs advertised. A steady trickle is just about right as there are few people contracting/freelancing in these areas. Demand is higher in Sydney and Melbourne, and seems to be exceeding supply. At the moment, I don’t seem to have a lot of local competition, which is a good and a bad thing. Good because it means I’ll win most of what I apply for, bad because some organisations won’t hire unless they have three applicants (!)

So, all in all it’s going pretty well.

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