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Scheduling the mobile generation

As part of some client work, I have recently spent more time than usual in the offices of a large organisation. It has been a while since I spent time like this, and something that struck me is how organised everyone is. Actually, it’s not just that people are organised, it is that everything revolves around ‘meetings’. Everything is scheduled, slotted in and arranged, and work is the stuff that happens around the meetings.

This shouldn’t be surprising, but I have never really noticed it to this extent before – just how scheduled it all is. Our life broken into little one-hour slots.

Then I started to think about the mobile generation and how they don’t organise things in the same way my generation once did (not that I’m terribly old ;) We arrange times and locations and carry our phones in case something goes wrong – they arrange less and use their phones to make more flexible arrangements.

So what will our future look like? Will society and the way our organisations work mold this generation into scheduled clock watchers, or will work and the associated ‘meetings’ become more flexible. Will be interesting to watch…

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