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Podcasts/MP3s since my last post

I’ve continued to wander around with my earphones in, and here are some of my recent favourites:

And I did a very, very silly thing today – gave a 1.5 hour lecture on IA and forgot to record it. After Dan told me earlier this year “you get to the second bullet point and incredible stuff just comes out of your mouth” I swore to record my presentations so I could actually use that good stuff in my writing. Silly girl!

PS – Dan might have actually said ‘good shit’ or something equally colloquial, not ‘incredible stuff’.

2 Responses to “Podcasts/MP3s since my last post”

  1. Joe Sokohl Says:

    Well, any chance that you could post your presentation? I must say, though, that your spoken presentations are so great!

  2. donna Says:

    Yes, I will post the presentation – probably tonight – and will post here about it.