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Knowspam is shutting down

Oh no! I just found out that my email spam service – knowspam – is shutting down at the end of June. I love this service – it has been fabulous at keeping my email spam under control. I even forked out for it for more than one email address!

Now I need suggestions for another – something that can handle well over 2000 spams per month. What do you use?

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  1. Alex Says:

    I’m going to say some pretty stupid things, but … eh, I use Gmail (Google Mail). You can actually use Gmail to wash your mail in the following way; at your mail-server, forward all mail from to Then in your mail application, read the gmail POP-3 account. This can then also be used as an aliased spam cleaner and backup at the same time. Whohoo!

  2. donna Says:

    I don’t get how this helps with spam. Does known spam get blocked on the way into gmail (I don’t have a gmail account as I didn’t want yet another email address)

  3. eric scheid Says:

    I used spamsieve on my laptop to filter the mail I receive.

    Damn good.

  4. Alex Says:

    The gMail thing works because all incoming mails are filtered through a very very good spam filter (think of all those people out there using gmail all contributing to washing the emails). I’m impressed with it, even though the spam folder (which auto-deletes files over time) gets filled faster than any other these days. It is *rare* something slips through, and I use it everyday and usually gets bucketloads of spam. Let me know if you need an invite.

  5. English Says:

    Shortlist of indispensable IA tools

    There’s been much talk lately in the IA mailing lists about tools: which do you use, what are their shortcomings / advantages, that sort of thing. With yesterday’s news of the Macromedia acquisition, I’ve been thinking about the tools…

  6. allura ellington Says:

    Guide to Spam Arrest for refugees

    Former users: this guide is for you. You’ll be able to take all of your existing whitelists and blacklists…

  7. Michael Andrews Says:


    Knowspam is very annoying. I got a knowspam notice from you. Sorry you have a spam problem, but consider the inconvenience to people sending you emails, especially those on mail lists.

    I would encourage you to use different addresses for different priority emails, and filter the email with your own tools, rather than ask others to do extra work.

  8. donna Says:

    Actually, the only people that knowspam affects are those who I have never recieved email from before. So when I set it up, I added my entire address book and all of my lists.

    Sorry I have a spam problem! How about you come around and filter through my couple of thousand spams a week to look for the useful emails. Why should I have to set up multiple email addresses. I want one email address, and I want to be able to tell people what it is. Knowspam helped me to manage that, with very, very little impact on anyone else.

  9. Ben Cannon Says:

    Use CloudMark’s SafetyBar:

    It is driven by a peer-to-peer community of users who identify and block spam collectively. here’s how it works:

    I tried *many* other spam solutions before finding this one and it has worked the best. I love it!

  10. donna Says:

    Thanks Ben, that looks good. I remember looking at it when I originally found knowspam. I liked the community aspect but use Pegasus Mail and Thunderbird.

    Anyway, I have found something that looks good:

  11. jefflash Says:

    I’m a knowspam user as well, actually inspired in part by Donna, and sad to hear it’s shutting down.

    The service is based on a pretty simple whitelist/blacklist, but the nice thing is that I am able to use it with my existing email address. Yes, I have a gmail address, and I can change the “reply to” to be whatever I want, but everything still comes “from” something So, if I’m already in other people’s whitelists with my current address, and I send something to them from gmail, it will get caught or possibly incorrectly recognized as spam.

    The other nice thing about knowspam is that you can turn the notification off, which is what I do. So, if you email me, and you’re not on my whitelist, you don’t get an automated reply — the email is “held” until I approve or reject it. It’s nice because, to the sender, this process is transparent, and it’s much quicker for me to go through the “held” emails once a day than try to pick them out of my inbox. Plus, for every email I reject, it adds it to my blacklist.

    I haven’t found anything yet to replace it, Donna, but if I do I’ll let you know (and vice versa, please!)

  12. donna Says:

    From a trackback on this post, I found something better. Spamarrest has the same functionality (whitelist/blacklist), plus a webmail system and a *far* better interface:

    It covers up to 3 email addresses on one account as well, which ends up a lot cheaper for me ;)

  13. Livia Labate Says:

    Don’t use Cloudmark Spamnet. The software ia half-good and their customer service is half-bad. Plus they bill you without asking.

  14. Bill Harper Says:

    Does your web host provide any form of spam filtering? I’ve recently switched hosts, and now I’ve got SpamAssassin working for me, which has cut down my 200+ spam emails a day (yes, a day!) to about a dozen or so.

    Another thing to be wary of: you might be copping a lot of spam email that isn’t being addressed to you, but to some random email account with your domain name on the end (e.g. By default your account might be set up to forward these to your email address. That was happening to me, and then I found a way to send them directly to the bit bucket (although CPanel calls it the black hole). That cut out around 80% of the spam I was getting right off the bat.

  15. donna Says:

    Thanks Bill. My host does have a good spam filter, but I still get enough through. A long while ago I set up my email account so it only accepts messages to valid addresses – you are right – without that I’d be swamped.

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