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It’s my birthday – again

It’s my birthday again – seems not so long since the last one.

And in my grand tradition (I did this last year), I’d love to know who’s reading. Leave me a happy birthday comment ;)

24 Responses to “It’s my birthday – again”

  1. Lou Says:

    Have a happy one Donna! Break a leg (but not a hip). ;-)

  2. Peter Boersma Says:

    happy days are here again! Have a good one, and a drink :-)

  3. david king Says:

    Happy freakin’ birthday!

  4. Dan Saffer Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Jorge Arango Says:
  6. Matt Goddard Says:

    Still here, still reading.

    Have a very happy birthday.

  7. Jacob B Says:

    Happy Birthday greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark! :-)

  8. PeterV Says:

    Happy birthday Donna!

  9. Tanya Says:

    Happy birthday!

  10. Dave Rogers Says:

    Happy Birthday from Los Angeles! Many happy returns!

  11. Mike Taylor Says:

    All the best for your birthday!!!

  12. Paul Trumble Says:

    Happy Birthday! Guess you got back from Montreal all right.

    Have a drink for me.

  13. Eric Reiss Says:

    And MANY happy returns from yet another loyal reader. All my best, Eric

  14. Tina O'Connor Says:

    Dear Donna, Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful day. All the best, Tina

  15. Nick Finck Says:

    Happy birthday from Seattle, Donna!

  16. Trevor Cook Says:

    Happy Birthday
    I used to live in this house in Reid – sold it for about 325k in 1996, now its been passed in for 900k granted they’ve done a lot of work on it we did the first round of rennovations but they’ve done a whole lot more – still its a cottage! These are Sydney prices

  17. Alex Says:

    Second try; happy birthday!

  18. Tim Says:

    Gelukkige verjaardag (means ‘Happy Birthday’ in Dutch) from a Belgian IA newbie.

  19. onceagle Says:

    happy birthday!

  20. Joe Sokohl Says:

    happy birthday, Donna! Live it up! Go for a nice drive in the Blue Mountains this weekend….or maybe all the way to Copper Hill & stay at the Palace, letting your inner drag out.

    All the best!

  21. Jeff Lash Says:

    A few days late, but that just stretches the birthday joy out over a longer period. Hope you had a great day and have another great year!

  22. Ant Colfelt Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was a happy day, Donna.

  23. Justine Sanderson Says:

    A belated happy birthday!

  24. Donna M Sanderson Says:

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