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I got a golden ticket (for backpack)

I got a golden ticket to have a look at a new 37 Signals product called Backpack.

Backpack is a simple, personal organiser. With it I can create pages for projects and add to-do lists, notes (plus images and files in the paid version). I can share lists and projects with other people over the web.

It has a neat reminder feature, which sends reminders via mobile or email. This would be truly, truly fabulous if my mobile phone provider was supported (but this not a criticism – I’m with a smaller provider in Australia).

One of the most important things, and I have found this with everything I have seen come out of 37 Signals, is that it is very, very easy to use. I jumped right in and made 2 projects and added lists and notes for both of them. There is a good set of examples, which was particularly useful when I was staring at a blank screen wondering what this thing was for.

I have an idea for a real project that I think Backpack will be useful for. Without it I’d probably store to-dos in Sunbird or my tadalist and make notes on paper as I go. I often have good ideas when I’m at work and email myself reminders at home. I can see that it will be useful to be able to access my project information from work and home and make notes as I think about them. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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