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Card Sword

Look, a new card sorting tool – Card Sword.

It’s an 0.1 alpha and doesn’t work for me. Will let you know when I have anything to report.

2 Responses to “Card Sword”

  1. Miranda Capra, Virginia Tech Says:

    They’re now up to 0.9 beta, and I was able to get it to work on my machine. You can do open or closed sorts, and specify the minimum and maximum number of categories. It is one of the nicer looking programs I’ve seen, but you can’t put items in multiple categories, and you can’t nest categories. The analysis program will be able to do both cluster dendograms and connected graphs, but I don’t think it works yet.

    You can see screenshots of the participant interface on <page 2 of the documentation>, and they also have <screen shots of the administrative interface and graphs>.

  2. Björn Busch-Geertsema, CardSword Says:

    Hi, thanks for giving some attention to our little program. As stated, the current version is 0.9 and beta, so you cannot expect a program completely without flaws. We are slowly continuing work on the tool. For that we invite everyone to tell us their opinion and ideas, missing features etc.
    We would like to discuss possible new features and changes to the program with interested people.
    One point Miranda mentioned is about putting items into multiple categories. This seems to be a good idea, but right now I cannot think of an easy way to do this in the data entry tool. Same goes for nesting categories – good idea, but how would the user interface for that look like?

    dendrograms and connected graphs are working, btw. try the slider on the right of the connected graph display.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Björn Busch-Geertsema
    CardSword Development Team