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Attractive sites are nicer to write

It’s true – attractive things really do work better. And attractive sites really are nicer to write for.

I redesigned my site recently. It was awfully, awfully ugly. And because of that, I rarely bothered to write much content. I wrote for the blog, which was only moderately ugly, but the main part of the site was a particularly bad example of my work.

But now that I have redesigned (the entire site, including the obscure bits) and actually like my site, I find myself updating it more often. Just fixing things, tweaking the content, adding new pages, clearing the dust out of the corners, keeping it nice and shiny. Generally liking it and taking care of it like I should.

There is an important message here – not only for me, but for anyone who manages a site with distributed authors. Why don’t they keep their content up to date? Well, maybe they don’t like the site and don’t really feel like they want to take care of it. And the remedy to that is obvious.

2 Responses to “Attractive sites are nicer to write”

  1. Christian Watson Says:

    Donna, this is a definite improvement! You might want to check how your navigation at the top (previous post | main | next post) displays in FireFox – it could do with a little more margin on the left.

    It’s very readable, which is the most important thing to me.

  2. donna Says:

    Thanks. All fixed – had an id instead of a class in my template!