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As predicted – Jakob says Ajax sucks

Here’s when I wish the podcast of my web standards group pres didn’t break. But those there will remember my prediction. It went something like this:

“Shortly, I’m sure Jakob will say that 99% of all Ajax sucks; and we’ll be doomed to an interaction-poor internet and a huge round of stupid arguments for a couple of years”.

So here it is: Why Ajax Sucks (Most of the Time)

Heh. I nearly fell for it (this is a spoof article, I hope you read to here)!

2 Responses to “As predicted – Jakob says Ajax sucks”

  1. Chris McEvoy Says:

    Donna, I’m glad you spotted it was a spoof. I hope that Jakob does publish the real one for comparison.

  2. robert Says:

    Not sure there is a “fell for it”. It may be a “spoof”, but the content is a true as the original.

    Ajax does suck (almost all of the time).

    It is the difference between books and tv for many people – with a book I can turn to any page I like, and I don’t have to keep seeing the annoying popup ads on the “free” tv program (which most people pay $50 a month for…)

    I argue that eBay and Google are the prime examples of perfect sites that use “minimal” if any ajax. AJAX and similar technologies are crutches for poor UI designers.

    Understand what the user wants to do, and it is easy to design a far more usable interface with a simple (non AJAX) UI.

    Real internet you can bookmark, everything else is just a toy…

    Maybe you can spend your energies thinking of shorter text messaging “sentences:.


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