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A taxonomy of frienships

I was talking today with some fabulous clients I’m working with. I was telling them about my theory that there aren’t enough words for ‘friend’. You know, I have friends who live near me, friends who live in the nearby city, IA friends internationally, friends who I knew from school, friends who I worked with then lost contact with, favourite friends, friends I adore, people who I think are fabulous, and many others. To some extent, all of these people have been ‘friends’ but there are quite different types of friendships within that term.

It was when I said that I had a bunch of different categories of friends, and that there really is a friendship hierarchy within all this that they started to look a bit strangely at me. ‘You really are an IA, aren’t you?’

I guess I am…

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  1. Caronne Says:

    I think that a taxonomy of friendships could include the following: spritually-connected, incidental, superficial, special, nutty, weird, academic, cafe, work and family.

    Yes, it is a very IA view of the world but … not that there’s anything wrong with that!!

    Cheers Caronne

  2. Chiara Says:


    Okay, I admit it. While I was reading your post I was starting to think about what it would look like, and for the briefest of moments, thought of firing up MultiTes to put together a little thesaurus.

    **IA Geek Alert**

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