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A site redesign

I’ve been working hard over the past few weekends to redesign the main part of our website. If you ever looked beyond DonnaM, it was pretty awful – not a good example of my design skills.

So I’ve done a complete visual redesign, a bit of change to the IA rebuilt the site to valid xhtml/css and rewritten a lot of content (including my CV). I still have to pull DonnaM and Maadbooks into the new brand, which will take some work, so will come in the next couple of weeks. Gosh it’s been fun to get back into it!

Importantly, the new site contains information on our recently-produced Verjuice (appropriately named MaadJuice). It is ready for sale and we’ll be arranging distribution very soon. Yes I know that it is something completely unrelated to my regular work, but who says you have to work in one industry at a time ;)

Go have a look (and let me know if you find anything buggy).

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