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A beginning means an end

A beginning: From today, I am a freelance information architect and interaction designer. Naturally, I’m very excited about this new adventure. However, every beginning…

… means …

An end: This marks an end to my work as a consultant for Step Two Designs, a job that I have been doing for the past 21 months. Naturally, I’m sad about leaving a great consulting business.

So how can I be excited and sad?

I’m sad because I’m leaving a great bunch of people who are doing innovative and interesting work. It was my decision to leave, and I did so as there are some things I want to do that don’t really fit into the model of consulting with a high-profile business.

I’m hoping to do some deeper IA work and more detailed interaction design, and to have the freedom to change direction without imposing on anyone else. I’m hoping to concentrate on of my university studies more and think deeply about some IA and design ideas.

Janice gave me some great advice: don’t start anything without signing a contract, and be careful about the first few jobs as they will shape what follows. I’m feeling blessed – next week I start a website project on a site that is out of my domain experience, within my IA experience and different enough to feel stretched.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Alex Says:

    Good luck, Donna! (Hey, you didn’t mention that earlier today … and, umm, how did *that* go? :)

    I’m really excited for you; I wish I had the nerve to look a wet blanket in the eye while striking a match, sealing its fate by the shere innovation and creativity that will be where it once were.

    I’ll also try to throw you as much scraps and bones as I can. Which is very topical, isn’t it?

  2. Mario Says:

    Good luck, Donna from Madrid, Spain :-) Don’t be afraid, Freedom is a blessing for talented people like you :-)

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