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Writing for blog distribution

I was thinking, as I frequently do when I write an article, about how blogging has affected the way that I write.

I noticed a few years ago, when the content of many of the blogs I read was pointers to other information, that bloggers like to create posts as quickly and easily as possible (no news there). One of the most common blog entry patterns is:

  • find an interesting article
  • find an interesting sentence or short paragraph in the article
  • drop the paragraph into the post, with a short lead-in and a ‘thank you’ or ‘from’

This means that, in order to have your article linked to and read, it is essential to have a good sentence or paragraph that represents the point you want to make. While this is a general principle of good writing, it is particularly important when writing for distribution via blogs.

It is something that I do after finishing writing an article – go back and make sure that there is something that is easy to pick up.

So in that vein, here are the magic paragraphs from an article that I recently co-wrote with Tina Calabria10 ways to continuously improve your intranet:

The amount of work involved in designing a new intranet or redesigning an existing intranet is minor compared to the time needed to maintain an effective intranet over the longer term. In fact, it is common for the initial excitement of a new intranet to fade away as the reality of day-to-day maintenance and the challenges of improving the intranet become apparent.

For this reason, intranets tend to go one of two ways after launch – they either stagnate with few new features added over time or become masses of unstructured content and functionality created in a random fashion.

3 Responses to “Writing for blog distribution”

  1. Austin Govella Says:

    I’ve noticed blogging and writing copy for the web for so long, that it’s difficult to write normally, the way I *used* to write. I’ve been working on a paper, but everything I write is too short and too brief and too chunky.

  2. donna maurer Says:

    Austin – I had to write fiction once for a university assignment – it needed a lot more adjectives and a lot of padding compared to my web writing. Very illuminating.

  3. George Govella Says:

    Blogging has evolved and progressed. We are watching its evolution at MS and wondering how it will affect new software and the evolution of new tools for Operating Systems and Browsers. We welcome new innovations and the driving force of people who like to envelope its very core. Thanks for your stimulating article.
    George Govella
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