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WordPress custom fields

I’ve been playing with Maadbooks again, and noticing the differences between WordPress and Movable Type. I’m not going to do a comparison here as I haven’t kept up with Movable Type, but will tell you about something cool that WordPress has.

A very neat function is the ability to include custom fields. I’m not limited by the fields provided and can create my own. The nice thing about this is that I can create a new field and place it into the template. If it is not populated, it just doesn’t appear. If it is populated, it appears. Just like magic. This is good for all of the things where I want consistency between posts but don’t want to copy and paste code for each post to remember how I did it.

I’m using it for things like ‘who else reviewed this book’, quotes, links to booksellers and will probably use it for related items.


PS. It needs the get custom fields plugin to work.

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